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Roshan Morar-Creating a legacy

Roshan Morar is the managing and founding partner of Morar Inc., an audit and accounting practice. He is a well respected financial expert committed to making a difference at all levels in South Africa’s economy.

Morar has obtained substantial experience in all aspects of the corporate environment, more especially in property investments and finance, risk management and private equity transactions. He has also been involved in an advisory capacity to various successful start-up businesses, including black economic empowerment management buyouts, among others.

Morar says of his career, “As an emerging Black entrepreneur, there were many doors that remained closed. I remained focused and determined to change this.” He added, “Taking calculated risks, hard work and being determined to achieve success,” had driven his career. “In addition, balancing time and planning is key,” said Morar. It is clear that his journey is far from finished.

Morar is the deputy chairperson and independent non-executive director of the Public Investment Corporation, which is one of the largest and most successful investment managers in Africa. Furthermore, Morar has been a non independent non-executive director of Adcock Ingram Holdings Limited since April 2014. He is also the deputy chairperson of Airports Company South Africa ACSA, a position he has held since January 2012,which has become recognised as an award winning and well functioning state-owned company.

The various committees that he serves on range from acquisitions, to commercial, audit and risk, human resources, to remuneration and nominations.
“The Board appointments have enhanced my personal and professional growth. The experience and exposure that I have acquired as a Board member has helped build my business acumen. I hope that the contribution I am able to make serves the best interests of the shareholders as well as stakeholders, including society, labour and the environment,” says Morar.

The growth in his business acumen is apparent in his plans for his firm. Not only will the Durban operation eventually increase, but the ambitious Morar also plans to further reinforce the company’s presence in South Africa − and has his sights set on growing the practice beyond the national borders to establish the firm as a fully-fledged African practice.

Morar aims to start with Zimbabwe, where small and medium-sized businesses still exist, and in Nigeria, where he has identified opportunities in the market

Under the financial guidance of Roshan Morar you are in good hands. He is well on his way to making a positive impact on South Africa’s growth and development. He said, “I wish to make a difference at all levels; to create a legacy that would stand tall and be recognised as having made a difference. All we leave behind are our names and reputation.”

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